It should be mentioned that this apostasy is monitored and strengthened through the so-called Spiritual Formation “prayer”, in which a “prayer addressed to God”, thoughts stop for half a minute to a few minutes, to “peacefully visualise” Jesus and hear the voice of the holy Spirit “. This method, developed by the Jesuit founder, Ignatius Layola, a spiritualist, was created for the “benefit of mankind.” It is a masked, mystical New Age meditation, which opens the door of our mind to the enemy. Ellen White wrote that the moment we remove all of our thoughts from our mind, we give Satan direct access to our minds.

For the same reasons, the pagan religions of the Far East have meditation in them. We can easily understand whose voice is heard in such a prayer. As I have already described, such a prayer goes hand in hand with the worship of the false holy Spirit, the disguised Lucifer. The methods of hypnosis include the so-called calm music, where passages, rhythms, and tones are repeated very quietly and slowly. As the crown of attack on God’s church is the so-called NLP method = Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which has crept even through the highest ranks of our Church. NLP was also developed by Layola, to influence and manipulate people. 

The Jesuits are openly proud of that, and very likely we are, too, since we use their same methods. This method was “newly discovered” in the seventies, as a means of “encouraging and guiding people in the desired positive direction”. NLP officially belongs to hypnosis techniques and is found in textbooks of that subject. Anthroposophists, who worship Lucifer, developed hypnosis as part of Mesmerism and introduced it to modern society. Ellen White was explicit in that Mesmerism was one of Satan’s most dangerous techniques. In the world, NLP is described as a “good” and pleasant type of “therapy” between two people.

Today, the Omega apostasy claims that the type of NLP used by Adventists “is not the hypnotic type but the correct type”. We’ve heard that song before. They say that “the Adventist trinity is right”, and that “it has nothing to do with the Catholic trinity”. Could we then say something like, we Adventists use spiritism in which ghosts are not invoked? Spiritism is spiritualism. NLP is NLP. We either serve God or Satan! The compromise does not exist for God. Each form of apostasy is accompanied by the same arguments, which can serve as a pattern of recognition in each area. God told us to separate from the world. Spiritism does not contain the right part! 

In the application of NLP, where therapy for two is now applied to the whole group or audience, we can observe the following picture: a speaker or singer addresses the audience from the stage while repeating one phrase several times and louder. Repetition weakens the will of the audience. In many cases, he invites the audience to repeat those words or notes together with him. In such hypnotic speech, one moves slowly to the left and then to the right, then from right to left throughout the sermon, as with the pendulum in classical hypnosis, so that the repetition and simulation of the pendulum intensify. If we take a closer look in America, we will notice that this has become a common occurrence in many Adventist circles there.

The crowning method of attack is today’s Beat music, which removes the last bastion of our mind, and which effect in combination with NLP is amplified. The sermons are characterised by a constant oscillation of the strength of speech and a sudden loud, then silent words, which represent direct stab wounds to our minds! Those who have seized power in God’s church are educating young preachers to use these methods, with the seductive argument that it keeps the audience’s attention, so that the “truth” can reach them more easily. The young NLP “Evangelists” in our church have more success than the older ones.

This method massively weakens the strength of our will and leads us to agree without thinking. This method massively weakens the strength of our will and leads us to agree without thinking. Similar to the older method of “Backward Masking” – playing songs backward that reveal hidden messages. The strongest form of NLP is used at music concerts, where the audience is invited to repeat one phrase or the answer to a question louder and louder, which hypnotically leads to emotional fluctuations and easy indulgence without thinking.

Do we need to use the methods of the other side in our sermons and concerts to “preach the gospel“? This way of hypnosis directly opens the door of our minds to fallen angels. What happens if some apostasy teaching is added to such sermons? Local churches, in which such methods are used, are gaining explosive growth, thus proving that it must be good, from God. According to that, the Pentecostals could also say that they preach the truth because many young people come to church. But if the situation in the churches were different, Jesus’ prophecy about the last days would not have been fulfilled.

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