Michael McCaffrey – Unmasking the Mark: Part 1-3

Dustin Butler: Trinity?

Prof. Dr. Ingo Sorke: Final Moment Message

Verne Bates: Manipulations of Ellen White books:

Nehemia Gordon: Jehovah oder Jahwe? Is it one important question?

Danny Vierra + June (Moss) Rieck and Bill Hughes: Jesuits in the SDA church

Andrew Henriques: Trinity?

Andrew Whitehurst

Dr. Henry Richter: The Earth is NOT flat!

Dr. Jason Lisle Ph. D. Astrophysics and Mathematic: Biblical & Scientific Reasons Not To Believe In a Flat Earth

Nick Ionashku: Froomism

Apostasy in our church

Southeast Seventh-Day Adventist Preachout 2010

Abortion in Adventist Church

Seventh-Gay Adventists – Trailer

More SDA Apostasy – Netherlands conference encourages homosexual membership

First trans adventist leader in the church

Gay choir in adventist church Palm Springs SDA

Leslie Pollard President of Oakwood University:  Blessed Homosexuals

Adventist pastor B. T. Rice speaks to Pope

Evidence of SDA Church in Ecumenism

2005 SDA General Conference Parade of Nations

Ghost of Holy Ghost

Bill Hughes: Ted Wilson, Saint Or Snake By

Ted Wilson: Sunday law comes not in the present time

David Asscherick: Answers a Question on SDA Trinity

Bill Hughes: Spiritual formation

Bill Hughes: Trends in Time

Adventist Pastor Dwight Nelson: Allah is God

Another SDA Pastor says Allah is God!

SDA valentine day banquet

SDA church defends Antichrist

Seventh-day Adventists: Where have your donations gone? (SDA church issue)

Adventist Congress 2013: Apostasy in Novi Sad Serbia

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