• And this is life eternal, that they might know Thee the ONLY TRUE GOD, and Jesus Christ, Whom Thou hast sent.” {John 17,3}


A Declaration of the Fundamental Principles 1872 by SDA – Uriah Smith 13 pages PDF DOWNLOAD

Death or eternal life Ingo Sorke 2 pages PDF DOWNLOAD

Second Coming of Jesus Ingo Sorke 2 pages PDF DOWNLOAD

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Year Book 1914 of the SDA pages 293-297 PDF DOWNLOAD Confirmation of the Faith Points from 1872


1: God the Father is the Source of everything and the King of the whole universe

2: According to Ellen White, the true name of God is JEHOVAH and NOT Yahweh

3: Our creators are only God the Father and His Son Jesus and not the Trinity

4: Jesus is a divine and not a created being. Jesus is the literal Son of God and therefore has the same nature as His Father. Divine nature, however, does not concern the issue of whether a born Divine Being has a beginning, because these are two different things. The son of Adam was just as human as his father. But Jesus has a beginning when He was born in heaven, before the creation of the angels. For this reason only God the Father bears the title ´The only true God´ in the Bible, because only He has no beginning

5: Jesus died on earth literally and completely in every way, and by His death He paid for our sins. When Jesus came to earth, he risked the loss of His eternal Divine Existence in the full sense in order to make our salvation possible and to put an end to sin! Praise, gratitude and honor be to Him from the bottom of our hearts!

6: The true baptism in the whole Bible (except in the falsification in Matthew 28:19.20 from the year 325) only happens in the name of Jesus!

7: The coming of Jesus is just ahead of us

8: According to the Bible and Ellen White, the Holy Spirit of God (not God the Holy Spirit) is not a third God or part of a non-existent trinity, but a personal and conscious omnipresence of God the Father and His Son Jesus in us while They are at the same time in physical form in heaven. The holy spirit is not a third god!

9: TO WHOM does the BLASPHEMY against the Holy Spirit relate to?

10: Pagan trinity, which King Constantine merged with Christianity in 325, does not exist in the Bible, only God the Father and His literal Son Jesus Christ and THEIR Spirit

11: The Trinity is the violation of the first commandment

12: The Bible carries the whole truth

13: The spirit of prophecy announced in Revelation for the last days was fulfilled with Ellen White to show us the true meaning of the Bible, as in this world there are thousands of different interpretations of the Bible and many forgeries and versions of the Bible that contradict each other

14: In the Bible and the texts of Ellen White there are also the forgeries in small numbers because we are at war with supernatural beings who try everything to separate us from God and His truth. How can you spot these falsifications?

15: Ellen White and the old pioneers only used the article IT and not HE for the Holy Spirit in the original and unmanipulated texts

16: The trampled truth of old pioneers in Ellen Whites time (without new teachings) is the only truth

17: The Ten Commandments are the eternal law of God, and they have not lost their validity in the New Testament. The true seventh day from the fourth commandment is Saturday, which the pagan king in the “Christian dress” Constantine replaced with the pagan Sunday in Nicea in the year 321, which actually worships the sun god. The dangerous relativization of the 10 commandments, with the assertion that communion with God “frees us” from the law because we would have become “sinless”, comes from the enemy who thereby wants to separate us from salvation, and thus he at the same time could prevent the completion of the sinless 144,000. We have to fight the sins in us ourselves, and not expect God to do this for us! He gives us His strength and guidance in complete victory over all sin, but He expects us to wage this fight ourselves!

18: 144,000 are the only ones who will live to see the second coming of Jesus before the great multitude of other saved are resurrected. They bear an absolute sinlessness like Adam before the fall

19: The final phase of the fall of the SDA Church

20: Dangerous forms of “Christian” music and the sermons with NLP hypnosis in the SDA church

21: The ecumenical movement and the organizational approach to the fallen churches of Babylon came from the enemy because the revelation in the Bible calls us to leave the fallen churches of Babylon

22: The world dictatorship with evolution and bonded ecumenical world religion “of love, community and peace, the corona vaccination, protection of the environment and the (papal) Sunday of peace and relaxation”, which is gradually emerging before our eyes, is in the background organized and directed by the Pope (with the Jesuits) (according to Revelation, the Pope is the beast of Satan), and executed by the second executive beast USA (Satanists: Illuminati, Bill Gates with financial lobby, highest church leaders, etc.) shows us that we are in the absolute end times just before the coming of Jesus. This is accompanied by the omega apostasy of the STA in full depth announced by Ellen White

23: The doctrine of the afterlife as spirits also comes from the enemy. The apparition of spirits in the form of the deceased is actually a manifestation of demons, and a means of deception and control over the deceived people. The dead people are not in heaven, but lie without consciousness in graves, and are only resurrected at the second coming of Jesus, in the same way that Jesus brought Lazarus back to life from the grave when He was on earth

24: According to Ellen White, the earth has a spherical shape

25: The Jewish feasts from the Old Testament are abolished after the sacrifice of Jesus because their task was to announce the death of Jesus or because they only represented the memories of the experiences of the Hebrew people when they left Egypt. What did Ellen White write about this?

26: Unhealthy and excessive nutrition, meat consumption, alcohol, coffee, black and green tea, Coca Cola, sweets and other unhealthy foods in our end times are directly against the will of God and, according to Ellen White, could cost us eternal life!

27: Excessive sexual pleasure in marriage or its unnatural forms, premarital relationships in sexual terms, masturbation and homosexuality (see Romans 1:27) (this also includes a homosexual “PARTNERSHIP” with sexual abstinence) are according to the Bible and Ellen White the most hideous sins in the sight of God. The sins begin in our minds (Matthew 1:27), regardless of whether we have an opportunity to act them out. May God help us that through prayers we can overcome our immoral thoughts and depraved sights