Today’s apostasy, even compared to 30 years ago, unfortunately, records a much more negative situation. A professor from Loma Linde could have invited Adventists and citizens to vote in a referendum on homosexual marriages on television, to “show love and tolerance”. Haven’t we shown it so far? 

Did Abraham show love through the “peace-ecumenical confession of Sodom and Gomorrah“? Are we showing this at Andrews University, where we “show love” through a homosexual bureau, so that active members of that group can “later recognize” the truth? In a document from Andrews University, published in October 2015, we can see the indirect but open acceptance of homosexuality!

  • “Some have been expelled from our Christian schools when they revealed their attraction to the same sex. Most, if not all, have heard sermons that condemn homosexuals as persons, failing to distinguish between homosexual attraction or orientation and the practice of homosexuality. All persons,  including practicing homosexuals, should be made to feel welcome to attend our churches while non-practicing gay persons should be welcomed into membership and church office. All should receive spiritual care from the Church.” {Andrews University: 9. October 2015.} 

Jesus condemned this way of thinking and the state of the human heart. He made it clear to us that sin is sin, even when we think or desire:

  • “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” {Matthew 5,28}

Do we have homosexuals in positions of responsibility? In America, we have homosexual ministers in the church, living together as couples with the “explanation” that God gave us love, so that they “although homosexual, avoid only the literal act“, but still consider themselves and live as a couple, “because it is their genetic weakness! ” In Germany, the president of the northern union also openly sent an invitation for declared homosexuals to get official functions in the church! According to the Bible, this sin is described in special depth, because it is the only sin where people openly declare themselves without shame and force others to accept that sin, while people with other weaknesses are ashamed of their sins and do not declare the names of their sins! Because of that sin, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah!

Of course, God calls homosexuals as well as all other sinners, and if you accept that call, they reject such an immoral life by God’s power of rebirth and turn to His side, as do people with all other weaknesses of sin. In the sermon of prof. Dr. Walter Weith on the Northern and Southern Emperors from the book of the Prophet Daniel shows pictures of Andrews students going to the mosque to pray to Allah in a spirit of tolerance because they believe in “the same God as us” and “do not need conversion”. There are suras in the Qur’an that openly condemn and curse anyone who thinks that Jesus is God, and at the same time raise the mortal mother Mary as Catholics to supernatural heights. We are ridiculed as literalists because we take the words of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy “literally.” Jesus says quite clearly: “so it is written“!

Within this philosophy, it is permissible to reject the truth that Ellen White is a prophet, they declare her only a gifted writer, and evolution is taught in many Adventist universities. When prof. Weith at one of our theological faculties in Europe presented the futility of evolution, most of the students left the hall irritated! So it is no wonder that in the next step Omega falls away, the rejection of the Spirit of Prophecy is becoming more widespread. In contrast, according to Revelation 12:17; 14:12, and 19:10, the last generation of God’s people just before the coming of Jesus clearly have the Spirit of Prophecy as one of their basic characteristics. The principle of one apostasy is its constant and exponential spread, as the conscience becomes increasingly dull. Therefore, the next step is to view the Bible only as a symbol, which allegedly contains “only scattered prophetic fragments”, so that the symbols are attributed to everything that does not support this false science.

This attitude is increasingly present among leading theologians, as they are no longer able to argue their views differently because God sent a warning with clear biblical truths and even stronger evidence of its credibility. Rejection grows into utter blasphemy, until it reaches a definite boiling point, as in the case of the Pharisees who crucified Jesus. LGBT lobbies and ecumenists in our ranks, some leading theologians or evolutionary professors of our universities reject the figure of 6 days or 6000 years or a clear definition in Revelation or that the last people worship the Creator and have the testimony of Jesus, the Spirit of Prophecy and even the Sabbath. They define the Bible as a book with fragments of God’s word fused into historical records. 

They are allowed to spread their agenda, while no one from the General Conference goes to give a sermon on love, moral principles, and truth. Why has the number of young preachers, especially in the West, preaching the triple angelic message become almost negligible? In the meantime, new preachers are being educated at most universities that they “don’t have to do it”, and in some places, they receive sanctions and even dismissal because they “spread the message of hatred”. a completely polarized church emerged with an absolute majority without biblical truth and trampled the first commandment, as we see in the world the characteristics of modern Babylon were highly elevated. While the bearers of truth were moved by God to fight for the right side, the bearers of delusion stood up in vigorous defense of their point of view. In many churches in the West, the apostasy has become completely open, and in some areas, many preachers who preach the imminent coming and going of Babylon are expelled.

In America, they are fired as “surplus labor.” Another sign of the latest apostasy is the introduction of female preachers. After the fall into sin, God clearly defined the place of Eve within the memory of the fall into sin, and the New Testament confirmed that with a symbolic formulation that women are silent in the church and that the bishop of one woman is the husband, which today’s theology of many leaders turns to previous cultural aspects. The Bible is twisted where the examples of female prophets in the Old and New Testaments are taken as proof that women can be preachers! The Bible defines who should be the head of the family and the church. James White was the head of his wife Ellen White both privately and in church. Women should indeed enrich it with their active participation in family and church life, and even speak from the pulpit. It must be emphasized that Ellen White and the women prophets of the Old and New Testaments never held the office of ordained priests in the church, even though God chose them to be the pen of the Spirit of Prophecy! 

New feminism and homosexuality around the world are showing the more and more open and faster establishment of the complete satanic rule on earth before the imminent coming of the Savior! We read in the Bible that God did not reject Israel even during the time of Baal when only 7,000 faithful of a few million remained, but still the tribe of Judah, as the line of Jesus, distanced themselves from keeping the truth. When God officially rejected the Jewish priests, it was only when they crucified Jesus, and the people themselves, only when they stoned Stephen. Like today’s false Trinity, the sign of our church has been changed, skillfully concealed by an inverted cross and twisted crooked lines of papal ecumenism, created at a meeting with John Paul II. Then, a representative of our church was internally elected from the General Conference, who took the blessings of our church to the Pope with a gold medal, with the official promise to stop publishing the triple angelic news, reject the image of three angels with trumpets and accept ecumenism

Jesuit-Masonic infiltrated Adventist universities, unions, and the General Conference do not bring about a complete decline, but a complete ban on preaching the triple angelic message and rejecting the truth on a global scale. Ellen White called such people agents of Satan, and even in her time many of them were present in the leadership of the church. Many of our young preachers, especially in the West, are educated without complete truth or are sent real agents of Satan like wolves in lambskin to introduce false doctrines! Today, theological education has become so deformed and has grown into a race for high titles, so that we would find recognition and respect for the world as well as the church, so that the germ of self-exaltation produced a great deepening of Omega apostasy. Today, Adventist theologians study and proudly promote at world theological universities. 

In return, they are asking our universities, in the name of accreditation, for theological compromises that are currently being fulfilled. Not only that: today, it is an advantage for a higher position in our institutions if theology is completed at a non-Adventist university! This phenomenon, in addition to the loss of faith and true truth, leads to great philosophy and countless books in our bookstores, while the books of the Spirit of Prophecy, announced in Revelation, are not printed because “finances and resources” do not allow it. Ellen White also announced this as one of the most important signs of Omega apostasy just before the end! If we remember the position of truth in the past, remaining on its side in the whole of history has never brought recognition from outside, but persecution and/or ridicule.

The indicated part of the world should open our eyes to how far we have strayed from the truth! In these last moments of earth’s history, God is raising up Adventists everywhere who have begun to recognize and return to the true and complete truth, so that the literal number of 144,000 is becoming more and more complete and ready. The explosive development of the absolute power of the enemy on earth, says in every way that we are literally in the last minutes of earth’s history. Recently, one of the charismatics was my guest, who himself recognized in the Bible that the Trinity comes from the other side in space warfare. Others understand that the “gift of tongues” is Satan’s falsification of the apostolic revelation of truth with the gift of foreign tongues. It is an interesting coincidence that this also began to penetrate our church, especially in America. 

The ungodliness and apostasy of the last generation, both in the world and in the church, is taking on incomprehensible proportions, and in the last minutes, it is calling us to repentance and to choose the right side! An interesting empirical feature of Babylon and the other side is the growing ecumenism along with the worship of the Trinity, which according to the Pope is the most important ecumenical factor, as well as penetrating music, as a “Christian version” of demonic Rock and Beat-Pop music. Lectures by preacher and former rocker Brian Neumann can help us better understand how dangerous hidden hypnotic images are on television and in cinema, as well as modern syncopal and also hypnotic music. Even pop star David Bowie said that every form of modern music with rhythm, even the most inconspicuous forms like New Orleans Jazz or modern Christian music, has its roots in voodoo. 

It has a hypnotic effect on our brain because it avoids the frontal lobe filter in our brain. People active in the pagan-demonic Voodoo religion, with pronounced rhythmic music with drums, fall into obsession after a while, where they often shake their bodies and limbs on the ground. We see the same phenomenon in deep charismatic circles. Only at such extremes can we recognize what such music gradually leads to, even that hidden in a milder form and that it allows Satan closer and closer access to our mind and body in the literal sense. Such music has been present in our country for a long time, and it penetrated through the once less conspicuous early line-ups of Heritage Singers, later through Sandy Patti and modern Heritage Singers. 

They did not accidentally open the way to today’s charismatic music of demonic background. A similar thing happened in the world, where the Beatles provided access to blasphemous Heavy Metal and Dance music. Ellen White prophesied world music in our circle, with drums, rhythm and playing, as a characteristic of Omega apostasy in the last church just before the end of the time of grace, and wrote that music in both directions has an incomprehensibly strong effect on our mind, positive or negative.

  • ”Those things which have been in the past will be in the future. Satan will make music a snare by the way in which it is conducted.” {Ellen White: 2SM, p. 38.} 
  • “The things you have described as taking place in Indiana, the Lord has shown me would take place just before the close of probation. Every uncouth thing will be demonstrated. There will be shouting, with drums, music, and dancing. The senses of rational beings will become so confused that they cannot be trusted to make right decisions. And this is called the moving of the holy Spirit. The holy Spirit never reveals itself in such methods, in such a bedlam of noise…A bedlam of noise shocks the senses and perverts that which if conducted aright might be a blessing. The powers of satanic agencies blend with the din and noise, to have a carnival, and this is termed the holy Spirit’s working.“ {Ellen White: 2SM, p. 36} 

This announced type of apostasy music received growing applause in the church before our eyes. In defense of this, the biblical expression drums from Psalm 150 are abused. Honest research of the Biblical past tells us that the instruments of that character at that time were only a decent accompaniment of very small instruments with only one gentle beat per beat, which accompanied a melody full of joy and happiness. The drums of that time did not have the syncopal rhythm, volume, and frequency as in today’s dance and modern music. But, as an “argument of correctness”, the music of Jews from a later period is used, when it was already drastically corrupted by the influence of pagan peoples, similar to ours today! 

The Jews then took on visibly larger drums, as did all the other pagans around them. It is this music that enables and intensifies the obsession of many people in charismatic circles. When we look at Revelation again, God clearly says that He will spit out Laodicea, and we see that there is no new church after her. God is a God of order and organization, and he does not want a chaotically scattered people, except when he is forced into exile. Since the scriptures make it clear that the tares and the wheat are growing until the harvest, we must pray and fast so that God will clearly reveal to us the message of the end times. 

At the apostasy-charismatic Pan-European Youth Congress 2013 in Novi Sad, in addition to the music of the other side, the pantomime of immoral female-male flirtation was shown. Ellen White wrote in the Testimonies that God explicitly forbids theatrical performances both within and outside Adventism. Even to such a truth come arguments as Ellen White praised her granddaughter when she had a simple children’s performance at church! When someone stays in the trash long enough, his heart hardens so much that he begins to find justification for everything, even though the truth is clear! The music of the singer “Jay Z”, who openly celebrates Satan, was broadcast at that gathering, and disco music could be heard from the speakers during breaks.

It is the complete fulfillment of the prophecy of the Spirit of Prophecy about the form of the manifestation of the last apostasy just before the end. Many believers, who were there with sincere motives, did not even notice it, like many on the sidelines, because with the huge presence of evil fallen angels on their territory, the eyes of the faithful on that ground are being closed. Ellen White was explicit not to go to such gatherings, nor to participate in discussions with the spiritists because we will surely fall into a field where God does not send us!This also happened to one of the great preachers of Sister White’s time, who after such a discussion himself became a spiritualist! The right way for a true Adventist to act is to leave such a gathering if the atmosphere goes in the wrong direction.

If the believers had reacted in time, there would never have been such an explosive manifestation of celebrating the other side. That is why every step on the opposite ground directly opens the door to the enemy, even watching movies and listening to the music of this world, and even infiltrated pop and beat music in the church! Satan’s servant Elvis Presley did the same with gospel music of syncopal rhythm, on which all today’s music is based, even “quiet pop music”, present in most modern music of our church and the world. There are Adventist churches in the United States, where a large number of young believers dance in the dark with fog and disco lights, with “Christian pop and rock music” during worship.

It should be mentioned that this apostasy is monitored and strengthened through the so-called Spiritual Formation “prayer”, in which during the “prayer addressed to God”, thoughts stop for half a minute to a few minutes, to “peacefully visualize” Jesus and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit “. The method developed by the Jesuit founder, Ignatius Layola, a spiritualist, was developed for the “benefit of mankind.” It is a masked, mystical New Age meditation, which completely opens the door of our mind to the enemy. 

Ellen White wrote that the moment we remove thoughts, we give Satan direct access to our minds. For the same reasons, the pagan religions of the Far East have meditation in them. We can easily understand whose voice is heard in such a prayer. As I have already described, such a prayer goes hand in hand with the worship of the false Holy Spirit, the disguised Lucifer. The methods of hypnosis include the so-called calm music, where passages, rhythms, and tones are repeated very quietly and slowly. 

As the crown of the attack on God’s church comes the so-called NLP method = Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which has crept through the highest ranks of our church. NLP was also developed by Layola, to influence and manipulate people. The Jesuits are openly proud of that, and very likely we are, too, since we use their methods. The method was official “newly discovered” only in the seventies of the last century, as a means of “encouraging and guiding people in the desired positive direction.” NLP officially belongs to hypnosis techniques and is found in textbooks of that subject. 

Anthroposophists, who worship Lucifer, developed hypnosis as part of the realm of Mesmerism and introduced it to modern society. Ellen White was explicit that Mesmerism was one of Satan’s most dangerous techniques. In the world, NLP is described as a “good” and pleasant possibility of “therapy” in a conversation between two people. Today, Omega apostasy claims that the part of NLP used by Adventists “is not hypnotic but correct“. We’ve heard that song before. They say that “the Adventist trinity is right”, and that “it has nothing to do with the Catholic trinity”. We could say, we Adventists use spiritism in which ghosts are not invoked? Spiritism is spiritualism. NLP is NLP. 

We will either serve God or Satan! The environment does not exist. Each form of apostasy is accompanied by the same way of argumentation, which can serve as a pattern of recognition in each area. God told us to separate from the world. Spiritism does not contain the right part! In the application of NLP, where therapy for two is now applied to the whole group or audience, we can observe the following picture: a speaker or singer addresses the audience from the stage while repeating one phrase several times and louder. Repetition weakens the will of the audience. 

In many cases, he invites the audience to repeat those words or notes together with him. In such hypnotic speech, one moves slowly to the left and then to the right, then from right to left throughout the sermon, as with the pendulum in classical hypnosis, so that the repetition and simulation of the pendulum intensify. If we take a closer look, we will notice that it has become a common occurrence, especially in Adventist circles in America. As the crowning method of attack, comes today’s modern Beat music, which removes the last bastion of our mind, and whose effect in combination with NLP is amplified. The sermons are characterized by a constant oscillation of the strength of speech and a sudden loud, then silent words, which represent direct stab wounds to our minds! 

Those who have seized power in God’s church are educating young preachers to use these methods, with the seductive argument that it gets the audience’s attention all the time so that the “truth” can be reached more easily. The young NLP “Evangelists” in our church really have more success than the older ones. This method massively weakens the strength of our will and leads us to agree without thinking. Similar to the older method of “Backward Masking” – playing songs backward that reveal hidden messages. The strongest form of NLP is used at music concerts, where the audience is invited to repeat one phrase or the answer to a question louder and louder, which hypnotically leads to emotional fluctuations and easy indulgence without thinking.

Do we need to use the methods of the other side in our sermons and concerts to “preach the gospel“? This way of hypnosis directly opens the door of our minds to fallen angels. What happens if some apostasy science is added to such sermons? Local churches, in which such methods are used, are gaining explosive growth, thus proving that it must be good, from God. According to that, the Pentecostals could also say that they preach the truth because many young people come to church. But if the situation in the churches were different, Jesus’ prophecy about the last days would not have been fulfilled.

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