Ellen White described the principles of abuse of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy that Dr. Kellogg used when he seduced nearly half the church, which was repeated through the Trinity before our eyes. What did Dr. Kellogg do about the Bible when he wrote “The Living Temple”? Is it similar to today’s approach to defending unbiblical error?

  • All through the book are passages of scripture. These scriptures are brought in such a way that error is made to appear as truth.” {Ellen White: SpTB02 52.1} 
  • “In the book ´Living Temple´ there is presented the ALPHA of deadly heresies. The omega will follow, and will be received by those who are not willing to heed the warning God has given.”  {Ellen White, Special Testimonies Series B No. 2, page 50, letter, August 7th, 1904 ‘Beware’)} 
  • “- ´Living Temple´ contains the alpha of THESE theories. I knew that the omega would follow in a little while; and I trembled for our people. [..] The scripture used to substantiate the doctrine there set forth, is scripture misapplied.” {Ellen White: SpTB02 53.2} 
  • “We have now before us the alpha of this danger. The omega will be of a most startling nature.” {Ellen White: 1SM 197.4} 

Here we see that Alpha apostasy is the source of these theories, and Omega apostasy is just its continuation and completion. The views of the Alpha and Omega regarding the Trinity differ only in the direction, but not in their affiliation to these theories. Theory(es) is written in the plural so that we can see that both a, although in different ways, attack the same field.

In Alpha apostasy, the Holy Spirit has degenerated to the level of unconscious energy, and in Omega apostasy, the Holy Spirit becomes a Being, i.e. God and the ultimate development in various finesse teach according to pagan principles a blinded Deity who manifests himself in different roles. According to the principle of action-reaction (push-pull) through Alpha apostasy, Dr. Kellogg prepared and enabled the other extreme of Omega apostasy, thus opening the way to complete apostasy, while most of them dealt with the important issue of false science.

  • “He [J.H. Kellogg] then stated that his former views regarding the trinity had stood in his way of making a clear and absolutely correct statement; but that within a short time he had come to believe in the trinity and could now see pretty clearly where all the difficulty was, and believed that he could clear the matter up satisfactorily. He told me that he now believed in God the Father, God the Son, and God the holy Ghost; and HIS view was that it was God the holy Ghost, and not God the Father, that filled all space, and every living thing. He said that if he had believed this before writing the book, he could have expressed his views without giving the wrong impression the book now gives. I placed before him the objections I found in the teaching, and tried to show him that the teaching was so utterly contrary to the gospel that I did not see how it could be revised by changing a few expressions. We argued the matter at some length in a friendly way; but I felt sure that when we parted, the doctor did not understand himself, nor the character of his teaching. And I could not see how it would be possible for him to flop over, and in the course of a few days fix the books up so that it would be all right.” {Letter A.G. Daniells to Willie White, 29. October 1903, p. 1+2} 
  • “I am compelled to speak in denial of the claim that the teachings of Living Temple can be sustained by statements from my writings. There may be in this book expressions and sentiments that are in harmony with my writings. And there may be in my writings many statements which, taken from their connection, and interpreted according to the mind of the writer of Living Temple, would seem to be in harmony with the teachings of this book. This may give apparent support to the assertion that the sentiments in Living Temple are in harmony with my writings. But God forbid that this sentiment should prevail. {Ellen White: 1SM, p. 203, 1904
  • “In a representation which passed before me, I saw a certain work being done by medical missionary workers. Our ministering brethren were looking on, watching what was being done, but they did not seem to understand. The foundation of our faith, which was established by so much prayer, such earnest searching of the Scriptures, was being taken down, pillar by pillar. Our faith was to have nothing to rest upon—the sanctuary was gone, the atonement was gone. I realized that something must be done. The battle nearly killed me.” {Ellen White: 1SAT, p. 344, 1904
  • “Those who seek to remove the old landmarks are not holding fast; they are not remembering how they have received and heard. Those who try to bring in theories that would remove the pillars of our faith concerning the sanctuary or concerning the personality of God or of Christ, are working as blind men. They are seeking to bring in uncertainties and to set the people of God adrift without an anchor.” {Ellen White: MR No.760, p. 9, 1905
  • “It will be said that ‘Living Temple’ has been revised. But the Lord has shown me that the writer has not changed, and that there can be no unity between him and the ministers of the gospel while he continues to cherish his present sentiments. I am bidden to lift my voice in warning to our people, saying, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked” Galatians 6,7” {Ellen White: 1SM, p. 199, 1904} 

Did Dr. Kellogg believe in the Trinity, and were his words to Elder Daniells (who had not yet fallen into apostasy at the time) similar to today’s official teachings of our church? Why is it not mentioned anywhere else? Because that would destroy all the false arguments of many theologians today! Was Ellen White aware that he wanted to revise his book and incorporate the doctrine of the three Divine Beings? The above quotes gave us a clear answer! If she believed in the same science, as many claims, why did she rebuke Dr. Kellogg so harshly for reprinting? What were his “present sentiments”? According to his confession, a year earlier, he began to believe in the Trinity. He claimed that his teachings were the same as hers. He even quoted her writings taken out of context.

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