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I had brain cancer 9x10cm and I was dying. Today is no cancer in my brain

I want to share with you the experience of my miraculous healing by the power of God so that we can understand that even the healthiest diet without God makes no sense. In 2010, at the age of 38, I got a brain tumor about 4 cm in diameter. Then I switched to a healthy vegan diet, followed by highly concentrated plant extracts such as incense, Green Magma, and freshly squeezed juices so that the tumor calmed down, and a large biopsy confirmed only inactive tissue. Since I was very weak from the disease then, I was not able to make the right decision, and today I would not allow a biopsy, because it brings the stimulus that activates the tumor.

Even when there is cancer, its development and activity can be observed through MR scan (Magnetic Resonance) and only in explosive growth (eg. Glioblastoma) some intervention, which otherwise brings more harm than good, makes sense. But with most tumors, inactivity or residual scarring can only be observed when transitioning to an extremely healthy life. Unfortunately, the biopsy, in addition to activating the tumor (through irritation), brought me an injury in one place that causes instability, so I was forced to take toxic antiepileptics, which to some extent prevented the full effects of my healthy life.

After the biopsy operation, I lost about 10 kg and became very weak. But as I began to live entirely on health principles, I soon gained more strength than before the disease. My lost weight returned to muscle shape, without touching meat or milk, or applying heavy training (which was impossible after head surgery). I felt as good as never before in my life, so I no longer felt the desire for closer contact with God or to make a clear decision of belonging only to Him. 

After one year, MR control showed that my brain was in a stable state without tumor growth. Then I separated myself even further from the Savior and decided that I did not need such an “extremely” healthy diet because I am so “strong” and “healthy”. A month later, there was an explosion of the disease in the brain, where an additional, new big process grew on the other side of brain, until then, untouched half of my brain, which through explosive growth additionally caused several bleedings, the largest as a ball of almost 3 cm. I can say that almost my whole brain was symbolically “eaten”. If I had not applied many aspects of natural medicine before that, which comes from God’s pharmacy, such bleeding would have caused apoplexy, even in me, by bursting tissue with the removal of one side of the body or even instant death.

But since my tissue was not corroded by too unhealthy life, it was elastic, so that despite all the bleeding, I was able to walk and move normally. Due to a strong headache, I ended up in the hospital again, where the doctors told me that I should go home to say goodbye to my family, because healing is impossible, and death is right in front of me. I was thinking about my meaningless life without God and I decided to accept Him again with all my heart, no matter what happens to me. That Saturday, I invited several faithful people with a preacher to our home to perform the anointing prayer. It was a day with a blue sky without a single cloud in the sky and dry air.

We were praying with tears in our eyes that the Almighty would give me life if it was His will. After the prayer, the big hail suddenly came without announcement, although that was not possible with such an atmospheric weather constellation. We had the impression that the ceiling was shaking from loud thunder. And I immediately felt better.

On Monday, the MRI showed that the new process on the other part of the brain, and the entire large lesion, and all the bleeding completely disappeared as if they had never existed. Even when someone survives such heavy bleeding, it takes them a couple of months to disappear, and the lesion would leave at least scars. The team of professors then said that this was inexplicable with the natural sciences and medicine, and some of them had wet eyes, because they could recognize God’s miracle and that He really exists. 

On the other hand, God then left a primary tumor on the other side of the brain as a warning that I must change completely, of course only through God’s guidance and power. The Bible describes how our holy and glorious God personally gave the Ten Commandments to His prophet Moses on Mount Sinai. Strong thunder could be heard all the time. Our Creator thus signed, so that no one would think that Moses himself engraved those Ten Commandments, but so that everyone would receive proof from Whom they come. This is exactly how our Savior signed my miraculous healing so that no one could claim that it was “spontaneous” healing, as God’s miraculous action is often signified, to silence the conscience that calls for a change of life and acceptance of the truth. Despite everything, at that time I still did not fully come to God, but my religious life took the form of a sine wave. 

After some time, I slowly left extremely healthy nutrients and plant extracts such as incense. God had to continue to comfort me to come even closer to Him. My tumor reactivated and explosively grew. In August 2018, I was literally dying, but my mom and wife spent the whole night on their knees, supported by prayers from a large number of humble people. And God said NO to death! I stayed alive, and I was taken directly to the hospital. The doctors told me that they did not expect the possibility of staying alive with this constellation, but that they would at least try to operate on me, although even then if I survive the operation at all, I will probably live only a few weeks to 2-3 months.

After the operation, the surgeon told me that he was holding a small cut part of my tumor in his hand and that it was the most dangerous and fastest tumor Glioblastom (grade of malignancy 4). Only after that did I fully realize that I was dying again, and I gave my life completely to God. In one deep prayer, I promised Him that with every atom of my strength I would reveal HIS OLD trampled truth of our pioneers about God the Father and His literal Son Jesus, and share the “Great Controversy” to the people of this world as an announcement of Jesus’ immediate coming. Immediately at the end of the prayer, I heard an extremely clear voice:

  • I will not let you die eternally”                                      

The word “eternal” was never present in my expression, so God showed me that these were really His words, not my thoughts! My understanding is that He told me that I would stay alive until the coming of Jesus (of course only if I remained in communion with Him). For God to practically prove that these were indeed His words, a few hours later I received a phone call (which is not common in Germany) from the chief doctor of that medical field, who was not in charge of my case and who I had not met with earlier. And he said with a trembling and shocked voice, that there was an incomprehensible change in the diagnosis of my tumor. Tissue analysis showed that the tumor was of another form, in which is (although the grade of malignancy was 3) theoretically possible treatment (not a cure, but only to slow down growth) with chemotherapy in capsules and photon radiation! God said His own! My tumor was incomprehensible 10 × 9 cm before the operation, and after the operation, it still remained almost 8 cm large. 

Immediately after my prayer, many patients and employees from various departments of the hospital, and even clergy, began to ask me questions about the real truth, accepting the truth and the “Great Controversy” in hand, even by a Catholic priest, who heard in the conversation who the beast is, what our past was and what preceded the coming of Jesus, and who then shared the “Great Controversy” with an evangelical colleague. I could write an even longer text about the supernatural miracles of testimonies that all happened in the hospital, where God literally prepared His children to receive the truth. Many showed the complete depth of happiness that they were given the opportunity to know the truth. In January 2019, the MR found that the tumor had shrunk from 8x8cm to 4x2cm! But God’s people continued to pray for me, and I continued to have great experiences with unknown people of this world, with some even coming to me directly and explicitly asking to hear the truth! 

After accepting the truth, many people said they thought God had performed a literal miracle to give them a chance to hear the truth. It happened to one doctor that he interrupted the medical conversation, and told me that he felt God’s presence in the whole room and that he saw the whole room literally illuminated by supernatural light! He thanked me with all his heart for the “Great Controversy” and literally getting to know God directly because before that he was probably not sure if God really exists! In June 2019, after half a year of faith and prayer of dear people, I went for a new MR control. After the examination, I saw with a brief look at two different screens, one with the current image and one with an image from a few months ago, that the tumor was much bigger on one screen, and in that short moment, I almost lost hope of a cure.

And then the doctor invited me for a conversation and showed me that the MR image of a much smaller tumor is the one from today! In my type of tumor, there is no reduction but only explosive growth! Shocked by this fact, the doctor could not let me go, even though several patients were already waiting for a conversation that normally lasts a maximum of 10 minutes! He tried all the time to deny God’s miracle and tried to find evidence of his position, but after an hour he had to give up his argument, and come to terms with the fact that God really exists!

MR in February 2020 showed that my former malignant brain tumor with a diameter of 10 × 9 cm NO LONGER EXISTS! Today I am completely healthy and in every aspect as normal as 10 years ago. I still have a lot of missionary experiences today. Almost every day I share for free a book by Ellen White “The Great Controversy” and tickets for a free order of that book, and through that, I come to blessed conversations with sincere people, and many show great joy at being given the opportunity to hear the eternal truth. The Spirit of God in this last phase before the coming of Jesus has a special effect on human minds, and never before have people been so ready to hear and accept the truth, because the end of the time of grace is immediately before us!

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May God make us ready for the soon coming of Jesus in glory, and spend eternity together in heaven! For our salvation, Jesus risked His eternal existence when He came on earth to die for us! May God bless us and lead us to complete truth and eternal life while the time of grace still lasts!

  • And this is life eternal, that they might know Thee the ONLY TRUE GOD, and Jesus Christ, Whom Thou hast sent.” {John 17,3}

Praise, glory and thankfulness to our almighty God
His Son
Jesus Christ

Below are the books, which proclaim the old trampled truth, their spreading I promised in my deepest prayer to our Almighty God, just before he said to me, “I will not allow you to die forever”:

The Great Controversy Between Christ And His Angels And Satan And His Angels – 1884 Ellen White

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