Spirit of Prophecy in the last days before the coming of Jesus

According to the Bible, the last generation of God’s people not only keeps the Sabbath (Seventh Day – Saturday from the 4th commandment), but also has the spirit of prophecy of what God has announced {Revelation 14:12 and 19:10}.

Why is prophecy important in the end times, just before the coming of Jesus? Because there have been thousands of contradicting Bible interpretations and forgeries in the last few days, and therefore God wants His people to get a complete understanding of the Bible in the end, so that they can see all the traps and deceptions of the enemy, as we are near the end of probation. A true prophet of God never contradicts the Bible and keeps all 10 commandments i.e. also the Saturday {2. Moses 20:1-17}. This constellation was only fulfilled with Ellen White, in contrast to the charismatic “prophets” and “healers”, who get the power directly from Satan and call the eternal law of God “symbolic” or “changed” (in the New Testament). The encouraging writings of Ellen White lead us to the original biblical truth that you could read in this text.

We should study the Bible every day, accompanied by the prayers and God will give us His truth and strength so that we are prepared for the imminent coming of Jesus and so that we can belong to the last people of God, and not to the Babylon of fallen churches. May God help us make the right decision while probation still continues!

Praise, glory and thankfulness to Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ!

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